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variableName fullName
airt Air Temperature
air_msu23 MSU Air Temperature Channel 2/3
air_msu34 MSU Air Temperature Channel 3/4
cdom Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Material
cfnlf Cloud Forcing Net Longwave Flux
cfnsf Cloud Forcing Net Solar Flux
chi Velocity Potential
cld Fractional Cloudiness
cldc Cloudiness
cog Course Over Ground
convt Temperature Adjustment Due to Convection
cprat Convective Precipitation Rate
csdlf Clear Sky Downward Longwave Flux
csdsf Clear Sky Downward Solar Flux
csulf Clear Sky Upward Longwave Flux
curltau Curl of the Surface Wind Stress
div Divergence
dlwrf Downward Longwave Radiation Flux
dswrf Downward Solar Radiation Flux
fricvel Surface Friction Velocity Cubed
gflux Ground Heat Flux
hflx Heat flux
hgt Geopotential Height
hgt_hgt Mean Square Geopotential Height
hicld Composite Average of High Level Clouds
hrc Highly Reflective Clouds
icec Ice Concentration
land Land Mask
lflx Latent Heat Parameter
lftx Surface Lifted Index
lftx4 Best (4-layer) Lifted Index
lhtfl Latent Heat Net Flux
lowcld Composite Average of Low Level Clouds
lsmask Land/Sea Mask
lwe Liquid Water Equivalent
midcld Composite Average of Mid Level Clouds
mldpd Mixed Layer Depth via Potential Density
mldpt Mixed Layer Depth via Potential Temperature
mslp Mean Sea Level Pressure
nbdsf Near IR Beam Downward Solar Flux
nddsf Near IR Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
nlwrs Net Longwave Radiation at the Surface
nobs Number of Observations
nswrs Net Shortwave Radiation Flux
nswrs Shortwave Heat Flux at the Surface
olr Outgoing Longwave Radiation
omega Omega (dp/dt)
omega_air X-prod Air & Omega (dp/dt)
omega_hgt X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Geo Height
omega_omega Mean Square Omega (dp/dt)
omega_shum X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Specific Humidity
omega_vair X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Virt Temp
omega_vort X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Vorticity
otemp Ocean Temperature
par Photosynthetically Available Radiation
pcpevp Precipitation Minus Evaporation at the Surface
pdsi Palmer Drought Severity Index
pevpr Potential Evaporation Rate
pic Particulate Inorganic Carbon
poc Particulate Organic Carbon
pottmp Potential Temperature
prate Precipitation Rate
prec Precipitation
precip Precipitation
pres Pressure
pr_wtr Precipitable Water Content
ps Surface Pressure Variation
pv Potential Vorticity
qao Net Surface Heat Flux
qlh Latent Heat Flux
qnet Net Diabatic Heating
qnetint Vertically Integrated Net Diabaitic Heating
qsat Saturation Specific Humidity Relative to Surface Temperature
qsfc Specific Humidity at Sigma Level 0.9967
qsh Sensible Heat Flux
qsh Sensible Heat Flux at the Surface
qshqlh Sensible + Latent Heat Flux
qv Transient Meridional Moisture Flux
rad Temperature Adjustment Due to Radiation
relh Relative Humidity
rhosfc Air Density at Sigma Level 0.9967
rhum Relative humidity
rot Rate Of Turn
runof Water Runoff
runoff Water Runoff
salt Salinity
sfcr Surface Roughness
sflx Sensible Heat Parameter
shtfl Sensible Heat Net Flux
shum Specific Humidity
shum_shum Mean Square Specific Humidity
skt Skin Temperature
slp Sea Level Pressure
smina Sea-Air Temperature Difference
snowcover Extent of Snow Cover
sog Speed Over Ground
soilw Volumetric Soil Moisture
spdsfc Surface Wind Speed
srfp Surface Pressure
srfpt Surface Potential Temperature
sst Sea Surface Temperature
stat Static Stability
swfx Short Wave Heat flux
tausfc Surface Wind Stress
taux Zonal Component of Wind Stress
tauy Meridional Component of Wind Stress
tc Temperature Correction
tcdc Total Cloud Cover
temp Temperature
thtasfc Potential Temperature at Sigma Level 0.9967
thtasst Potential Temperature at Skin Surface
tmax Maximum Temperature
tmin Minimum Temperature
tmp Temperature
topo Topology
trpp Tropopause Pressure
trpt Tropopause Temperature
tv Transient Meridional Heat Flux
uairt Eastward Sensible Heat Transport
ucur U Component of Ocean Current
uflx Momentum Flux, u-component
ugwd Zonal Gravity Wave Stress
ulflx Zonal Latent Heat
ulwrf Upward Longwave Radiation Flux
upstr u-wind PseudoStress
uspeh Eastward Latent Heat Transport
ustr u-wind Stress
uswrf Upward Solar Radiation Flux
ut Transient Zonal Heat Flux
uu Transient Zonal Flux of Zonal Momentum
uv Transient Meridional Flux of Zonal Momentum
uwnd u-wind
uwndsfc u-wind
uwnd_air X-prod Air & u-wind
uwnd_hgt X-prod u-wind & Geo Height
uwnd_omega X-prod u-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
uwnd_shum X-prod u-wind & Spec Humidity
uwnd_uwnd Mean Square u-wind
uwnd_vair X-prod u-wind & Virt Temp
uwnd_vort X-prod u-wind & Vorticity
uwnd_vwnd X-prod u-wind & v-wind
vair Virtual Temperature
vairt Northward Sensible Heat Transport
vair_vair Mean Square Virtual Temperature
vbdsf Visible Beam Downward Solar Flux
vcur V Component of Ocean Current
vddsf Visible Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
vflx Momentum Flux, v-component
vft Temperature Adjustment Due to Vertical Diffusion
vgwd Meridional Gravity Wave Stress
vlflx Meridional Latent Heat Parameter
vor Relative Vorticity
vort Vorticity
vort_vort Mean Square Vorticity
vpstr v-wind Stress
vspeh Northward Latent Heat Transport
vstr v-wind Stress
vt Transient Meridional Heat Flux
vv Transient Meridional Flux of Meridional Momentum
vwnd v-wind
vwndsfc v-wind
vwnd_air X-prod Air & v-wind
vwnd_hgt X-prod v-wind & Geo Height
vwnd_omega X-prod v-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
vwnd_shum X-prod v-wind & Specific Humidity
vwnd_vair X-prod v-wind & Virt Temp
vwnd_vort X-prod v-wind & Vorticity
vwnd_vwnd Mean Square v-wind
w Vertical Velocity
weasd Water Equivalent of Accumulated Snow Depth
wspd Wind Speed
wspd3 Scalar Wind Speed Cubed
wt Transient Vertical Heat Flux
wtmp Water Temperature

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