The CPERS Collective

Thank you to our data contributors, who put in time and effort to share their data! You can view their data on the map of surveys.

PI leaderboard

(person responsible for data)
Resistivity datasets
Antoni Lewkowicz 192 192
Duane Froese 58 58
Robert Way 23 23
Yifeng Wang 7 7
Total 280 280

CPERS contributors

  • A. Alvarez
  • B. Andersen
  • O. Bellehumeur-Génier
  • A. Bevington
  • P. Bonnaventure
  • N. Brown
  • C. Buchanan
  • A. Chiasson
  • A. Cuerrier
  • M. Duguay
  • F. Dwyer-Samuel
  • B. Etzelmüller
  • D. Froese
  • M. Gooseff
  • S. Godsey
  • L. Hermanutz
  • T. Herring
  • Z. Kuntz
  • A. Lewkowicz
  • C. Miceli
  • S. Smith
  • Y. Wang
  • R. Way
  • J. Young

Special thanks to the members of the International Permafrost Association Action Group "Towards an International Database of Geoelectrical Surveys on Permafrost (IDGSP)" who worked to develop the metadata form and database structure used for this project.