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Dataset Title:  Ground temperature observations for PLT4_SHLW Subscribe RSS
Institution:  Wilfrid Laurier University   (Dataset ID: NTGS2019-007_Scotty_Creek_PLT4_SHLW)
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 ground_temperature (degree_C) ?          -51.455    42.151
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The Dataset Attribute Structure (.das) for this Dataset

Attributes {
 s {
  latitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lat";
    Float32 actual_range 61.313, 61.313;
    String axis "Y";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Latitude";
    String standard_name "latitude";
    String units "degrees_north";
  longitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lon";
    Float32 actual_range -121.3062, -121.3062;
    String axis "X";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Longitude";
    String standard_name "longitude";
    String units "degrees_east";
  elevation {
    Float32 actual_range 271.0, 271.0;
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String standard_name "height_above_reference_ellipsoid";
    String units "m";
  time {
    Int32 _ChunkSizes 512;
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Time";
    String axis "T";
    String calendar "gregorian";
    String cf_role "profile_id";
    String ioos_category "Time";
    String long_name "Time";
    String standard_name "time";
    String time_origin "01-JAN-1970 00:00:00";
    String units "seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z";
  site_name {
    String cf_role "timeseries_id";
    String ioos_category "Identifier";
    String long_name "Borehole or site name";
    String standard_name "platform_name";
  depth_below_ground_surface {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Height";
    Float32 actual_range 0.1, 0.4;
    String axis "Z";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Depth below ground surface";
    String positive "down";
    String standard_name "depth";
    String units "m";
  ground_temperature {
    Int32 _ChunkSizes 1, 1, 3;
    Float32 actual_range -51.455, 42.151;
    String coordinates "site_name depth latitude longitude";
    String ioos_category "Temperature";
    String long_name "Ground temperature";
    String platform "site_name";
    String standard_name "temperature_in_ground";
    String units "degree_C";
    String _NCProperties "version=2,netcdf=4.7.3,hdf5=1.10.6";
    String cdm_altitude_proxy "depth_below_ground_surface";
    String cdm_data_type "TimeSeriesProfile";
    String cdm_profile_variables "time";
    String cdm_timeseries_variables "latitude, longitude, elevation, site_name";
    String Conventions "COARDS, CF-1.8, ACDD-1.3";
    String creator_email ",";
    Float64 Easternmost_Easting -121.3062;
    String environment_description "This site is actively thawing. Permafrost was present in 2001, but boundaries of the peat plateau are shrinking. Sites with permafrost at time of instrumentation may no longer have permafrost";
    String featureType "TimeSeriesProfile";
    String geospatial_bounds "POINT(-121.30619812011719 61.3129997253418)";
    Float64 geospatial_lat_max 61.313;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_min 61.313;
    String geospatial_lat_units "degrees_north";
    Float64 geospatial_lon_max -121.3062;
    Float64 geospatial_lon_min -121.3062;
    String geospatial_lon_units "degrees_east";
    Float64 ground_slope_angle 0.0;
    Float64 ground_slope_direction 0.0;
    String history 
    String id "NTGS2019-007_Scotty_Creek_PLT4_SHLW";
    String infoUrl "";
    String institution "Wilfrid Laurier University";
    String license "The use of the published data will not carry restrictions. Full citation of referenced publications and reports by users is required.";
    Float64 Northernmost_Northing 61.313;
    Float32 observation_depth_max 0.4;
    Float32 observation_depth_min 0.1;
    String organic_matter_thickness "Very Thick (>100 cm)";
    Float64 overburden_thickness NaN;
    String platform_name "PLT4_SHLW";
    String project "Scotty Creek Research Site";
    String publisher_email "";
    String publisher_institution "Northwest Territories Geological Survey";
    String publisher_name "Northwest Territories Geological Survey";
    String publisher_type "institution";
    String publisher_url "";
    String sourceUrl "";
    Float64 Southernmost_Northing 61.313;
    String subsetVariables "latitude, longitude, elevation, site_name";
    String summary "Ground temperature observations for the Scotty Creek research station. Data from NTGS Report 2019-007";
    String surface_cover "Live Moss";
    String surficial_geology "Organics/ Peat Land";
    String time_coverage_duration "P4487DT14H30M1S";
    String time_coverage_resolution "P0DT0H30M0S";
    String title "Ground temperature observations for PLT4_SHLW";
    String vegetation_type "Coniferous Forest";
    Float64 Westernmost_Easting -121.3062;


Using tabledap to Request Data and Graphs from Tabular Datasets

tabledap lets you request a data subset, a graph, or a map from a tabular dataset (for example, buoy data), via a specially formed URL. tabledap uses the OPeNDAP (external link) Data Access Protocol (DAP) (external link) and its selection constraints (external link).

The URL specifies what you want: the dataset, a description of the graph or the subset of the data, and the file type for the response.

Tabledap request URLs must be in the form{?query}
For example,,latitude,time,station,wmo_platform_code,T_25&time>=2015-05-23T12:00:00Z&time<=2015-05-31T12:00:00Z
Thus, the query is often a comma-separated list of desired variable names, followed by a collection of constraints (e.g., variable<value), each preceded by '&' (which is interpreted as "AND").

For details, see the tabledap Documentation.

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